Rolex Cosmograph Daytona series (watch supply 112669)



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Buy Rolex watch online Cosmograph Daytona series (watch supply 112669)
Movement: a fully automatic mechanical movement with a customized three-eye zoom version to make the distance between the three functional discs consistent with the original
Case: 43mmX13mm, dark black ceramic solid outer ring with tachymeter scale (using real ceramic technology, no scratches, never fade, and the texture is the same as the original product)
Dial: The fonts and logos on the function dial are superimposed and printed on the dial, which gives a slight bulge when viewed from the side. The background texture of the disk has been filtered and corrected countless times to ensure that it is 100% consistent with the original. The Rolex metal LOGO on it is opened separately, whether it is three-dimensional or roundness, it can be PK original. Easy-to-read Chroma light display with long-lasting luminous material
Table mirror: flat sapphire crystal glass, anti-scratch, the effect is never ghosting, consistent with the authentic.
Clasp: Made of 316 steel 1:1 parts polished, the inner side of Lassa, corroded Rolex seal, the external authenticity is exactly the same, the clasp safety ring, produced by F factory

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